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How to Become One of Our Agents

We offer Federal Airlines agent careers to those who are interested. As part of our unique Federal Airlines partnership programme‚ the Federal Air Traveller Programme‚ our agents‚ as well as travel service and accommodation partners‚ unlock access to several other benefits through this direct partnership with us.


 If you are interested in signing up to become one of our agents‚ please complete the form on our Contact Us page‚ and one of our reservations assistants will be in contact with you soon.

Benefits of Becoming a Federal Air Traveller

  • Have a direct working relationship with our team at Federal Airlines.
  • You can earn commission on those bookings made (Please note: only valid for South African agents). The more full-paying passengers you book per month‚ the higher your commission will be.
  • You will receive complimentary tickets for every 200 passengers booked every year.
  • Get news and updates about any product developments or changes relating to our offerings at Federal Airlines.
  • Get access to our Key Account service.
  • Streamline communication.

Have Questions?

If you have any queries or concerns‚ please feel free to email

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