1. What are the baggage allowances?

    Please click here to view our baggage rules.

  2. Where will I be met for the complimentary meet and greet?

    You will be met at your arrivals gate if we have been made aware of your connection.

  3. What conditions can I expect while flying to the lodge?

    As with any flight, some turbulence can occur on occasion.

  4. Will there be breakfast in the lounge?

    While we do not serve full meals in our lounge, freshly catered canapés as well as muffins, pastries and fresh fruit are available all day along with an extensive selection of beverages.

  5. What do the facilities in the lounge cost?

    Our guests enjoy the lounge and its amenities free of charge. Everything on offer to you within the lounge in complimentary – excluding items you wish to purchase from our Safari Boutique.

  6. Is there a place to ‘freshen up’ after my long haul flight to South Africa?

    Yes, we have shower facilities where you can revive yourself before enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and freshly catered snacks in the lounge.

  7. What are the weather conditions like in South Africa?

    South Africa’s summer season lasts from mid October to the end of April. Temperatures during this time range from mild and warm to hot over December. Rainy weather is to be expected with daily showers from November to February. Winter lasts from May to mid October. Conditions during this time include low temperatures, rain during July and windiness in August and September.

  8. Can you accommodate handicapped and special needs guests?

    Please take note that due to the nature of our aircraft there may be a few restrictions. Please contact for more information.

  9. What do I do if I am in South Africa for an extended period and have only hard case luggage with me?

    We offer soft baggage at an additional cost. Return passengers can store their remaining baggage with us until their return free of charge.

  10. Are there any specific rules pertaining to children?

    No. All Federal Airlines guests must adhere to the same rules and restrictions and everyone enjoys the same benefits. Unaccompanied minors must have an adult guardian to accompany them.
  11. Do you offer services specifically tailored for flying corporate groups?

    Yes. Contact for more information.

  12. What if I would like to travel on my own time?

    Private charters can be booked though our team of charter experts at

  13. Can I fly to Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay, Mozambique, Windhoek, Maun, Victoria Falls or the West Coast?

    Yes you can, but only as a Charter flight.

  14. I am a travel organization who would like to know more about Federal Air’s unique service offering, who can I contact?

    Please see more information on flights and rates in our Agents Manuals or learn more about Federal Airlines in our Company Brochure.