Covid-19 FAQ

  1. Is food individually wrapped / sealed in the lounge?

    Yes, all catering in the lounge is sealed individually by our Catering supplier. Beverages are served in either cans or sealed bottles.
  2. Are Federal Airlines doing any screening prior to the flight?

    For our Domestic flights we do not do any screening, as our departure lounge is neither an exit nor entry point into / out of the Country. For our International flights, we make use of a designated Port of entry / exit. This is controlled by the Port of Health and screening is done by the designated airport on an extensive basis.
  3. Have Federal Airlines reviewed how and when the aircraft / bathrooms / lounge is cleaned?

    Yes, we have implemented additional ground operation procedures to ensure that aircraft, bathrooms and lounge areas are cleaned and disinfected with prescribed materials, at regular intervals.
  4. Do Federal Airlines have any measures in place to improve hygiene at the lounge and on the plane? E.g. Hand sanitiser / signs etc?

    Yes, Federal Airlines have. Hand sanitisers have been placed at the check in counter, in the lounge and in all the bathrooms to cater for this. All aircraft are equipped with masks, gloves and sanitisers for use by guests, and staff alike.
  5. What is your process if there is a guest that shows any symptoms of the virus?

    We are obliged to and would follow the protocol prescribed to us by IATA and SACAA, which is very clear. Should you require a copy of the procedures please do not hesitate to request such, which will be forwarded on in a private mail.
  6. Any other insight or measures in place to effectively manage this?

    We ensure that we stay appraised of all WHO briefings / changes and attend regular SACAA or any Corona virus workshops. Our policies relating to the Corona virus will be reviewed / updated on a weekly / daily basis so as to ensure that we have done everything to secure the health of our guests.