Our facilities include a swift baggage check in counter. We kindly request that out guests adhere to our rules and regulations regarding baggage limitations. Due to the nature of charter and shuttle flight services, our aircraft are smaller than typical airliners and therefore have much smaller luggage holds.

Our baggage restrictions are as follows:

  • SOFT (all-sides) luggage/duffel bags with ONE flat side will be allowed; SOFT (all-sides) luggage/duffel bags with ONE flat side will be allowed;
  • Maximum luggage weight is 20kg/44lbs (in the hold); luggage size is 40cm (16 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high x 60cm (24 inches) long;
  • Maximum hand luggage is 5kg/11lbs (1 soft piece allowed with ONE flat side only);
  • We offer soft sided bags which can be purchased at our lounge at an additional cost.
  • Should your luggage exceed the above limitations, we will NOT BE ABLE to load it. We do provide a COMPLIMENTARY LUGGAGE STORING FACILITY (provided guests are booked on a return basis). Excess luggage remains the responsibility of the affected passenger at all times.
  • Oversized luggage CANNOT be carried on your lap. Your safety is our first priority and unsecured objects inside the cabin are hazardous.
  • EXCESS/ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE: Complimentary excess luggage storage is offered on a return flight basis only.
  • On shuttle flights, to accommodate additional luggage, please book and pay for an additional seat in advance. It may not be an available option on the day of departure if this has not been pre-booked. The extra seat will allow for an additional 60kg of luggage. Please note that any additional luggage must still meet the baggage policy described above.
  • On charter flights, should the aircraft not be filled to capacity and the guests wish to take additional luggage, please approach the charter department to make the necessary arrangements.
  • It remains the responsibility of the booking agent to inform their client of Federal Airlines baggage policy.