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Flying You to Madikwe

If you want to take our Fedair Madikwe flight‚ here is what you need to know about this thriving‚ malaria-free game reserve as a destination.


Where is Madikwe Private Game Reserve Located?

Madikwe is the fifth-largest game reserve in South Africa. It’s located just north of Zeerust against the Botswana border and in the proximity of the Kalahari Desert.


With a thriving Big 5 population as well as multiple other wildlife in the 680 kilometre square reserve‚ it provides for an idyllic safari destination.


Why You Should Visit Madikwe Private Game Reserve

As a Big 5 reserve‚ you can expect to see leopard‚ lion‚ rhino‚ buffalo and elephant. The reserve is also a wildlife sanctuary as it has a thriving population of the endangered African wild dogs‚ also known as ‘painted wolves’. The landscapes are diverse‚ ranging from open grasslands‚ to rocky outcrops‚ mountains‚ and woodlands.


Furthermore‚ since Madikwe is a private reserve‚ you can expect more exclusivity than your public reserves. For example‚ you can go off-road on safari and don’t need to stick to major roads‚ allowing you to get up-close to the animals. The number of safari vehicles allowed to operate at a time is also limited so you get an uncrowded safari experience.


Because Madikwe is malaria-free‚ it’s easier to book an impromptu trip as you do not need to take any malaria precautions

What You Need to Know About Flying to the Bush with Fedair Madikwe

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