Flying to The Bush

Flying to The Bush

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Flying in the bush can be a rewarding and engaging experience. Spectacular aerial views of the African bush and the marvels of nature can be enjoyed by our passengers whilst in flight. Operating in the bush airstrips presents different challenges to a more conventional airport, and the flights are susceptible to unique situations that do not affect conventional services.

  • The unique nature of flying into the bush means that there may be opportunity to see more and experience more before you arrive at your lodge. A point to point shuttle service means that you will maybe experience a maximum of two stops before reaching your final destination. This depends on our route plan for the day and what the runway at your lodge of choice will allow in terms of aircraft size.
  • We place our guests’ safety above all other concerns. Our 20 years of experience helps us to ensure that our guests always enjoy a smooth, comfortable transfer.
  • We work with a departure window as opposed to a strict departure time. Flight departures and arrivals can therefore vary. Our route structure constantly changes due to variations in the daily inbound/outbound activity of each lodge. This means that we will never know our exact routing until the day before arrival or departure. It also means that we are able to be more flexible in accommodating passengers who experience delays on their inbound flights.
  • Aircraft can be delayed due to animals obstructing the runway – especially during winter when the animals are attracted to the warmth being radiated from the airstrips. When animals are present, we coerce them off the airstrip to allow for a safe landing or take-off. This is in no way dangerous and our crew are well trained to handle these types of scenarios.
  • Johannesburg International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the Southern Hemisphere. As such we often incur Air Traffic Control delays due to aircraft congestion.
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